Mobility Company to Test AVs in California

Mobility Company to Test AVs in California

A mobility platform provider has said its autonomous vehicle subsidiary has been licensed to publicly test AVs in California.

Ridecell, which acquired AV start-up Auro last year, said the subsidiary has been given approval to test self-driving cars and mini-vans in the state. Auro’s previous area of focus was the operation of AVs within restricted, geo-fenced environments like university and company campuses.

Ridecell said Auro’s AV technology is comprised of “3D LiDARs, cameras, navigation sensors, and high-accuracy 3D mapping with proprietary software algorithms”. It explained that the first public trials of this system would be carried out on a fleet of Ford Fusions.

Ridecell CEO Aarjav Trivedi claimed the move represented “an important expansion of our new mobility product offering” that would lead to his company’s fleet management platform being “expanded”. Auro director of business development Nalin Gupta also boasted that: “Ridecell has become a single source for all the required components that enable our customers to offer either driver-operated or autonomous on-demand vehicle services to their users, all using a single user app and a single cloud-based fleet management platform”.


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