Mobility and Transportation Talent for the Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Elaina Farnsworth.  Ms. Farnsworth is an acclaimed speaker, published writer and thought leader in the autonomous vehicle and Cyber-security industries. She currently serves as the CEO of The NEXT Education, a remote learning platform that offers knowledge and power to innovate and advance the intelligent transportation and new mobility industry.

In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Farnsworth discusses these questions:

  • Can you talk about the changes that are coming in the work force because of new mobility?
  • What are some of the technologies and infrastructures that you see needed to make self-driving cars and connect vehicles a reality?
  • How can we prepare our leadership and beyond to be ready for these new changes?
  • What’s happening on a global landscape when it comes to self-driving and standards?

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