Mobileye teams up with Delphi for Volvo’s collision detection system


The safety enhancements on the new S60 sedan include Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control and a Collision Warning & Mitigation system with full automatic braking power that detects moving and stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians.

The system warns the driver of an imminent collision and automatically brakes the vehicle if the driver is unable to do so.

Mobileye provides the EyeQ2 vision processor chip and the vision algorithms for Delphi's radar and vision system that is at the heart of the Volvo S60's new active safety system. Delphi provides the camera module and radar sensor.

Unlike most competitive systems that limit braking power to 50%, the new Volvo system uses input from the Delphi vision and radar sensors to allow full automatic braking power when it estimates a high risk for collision with a pedestrian or vehicle.

Mobileye's EyeQ2 system on chip enables the necessary processing power for the challenging task of pedestrian detection, as well as vehicle detection, lane detection and data fusion. This system enhances the current Delphi – Mobileye system installed already on previous Volvo models.

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