Mobile World Congress News: Yahoo! launches Yahoo! oneConnect™

Mobile World Congress News: Yahoo! launches Yahoo! oneConnect™

Yahoo! oneConnect is a new mobile communications service that will combine integrated mobile messaging with a socially-connected address book. It will be the first mobile product with an open architecture that aggregates communications tools – email, inst

Yahoo! oneConnect is designed to include the following features:

  • Socially-connected address book – the capability to integrate activity from social and professional networks and communities into the user’s address book. Consumers will be able to view status updates, photo uploads, and the recent activity of contacts across all their networks.
  • Integrated mobile messaging – seamless integration of IM and SMS, including threaded conversations. Any messaging service will be able to use Yahoo! oneConnect's open APIs to plug into the application's messaging feature – enabling consumers to access a wide range of popular services, such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google® Talk, AOL® Instant Messenger and MSN™ Messenger.
  • Status – the capability to view contacts by their most recent status updates on social networks, as well as update the user’s own status on favourite networks – in one easy step – and automatically broadcast it to friends.
  • Pulse – the functionality to see a dynamic overview of what friends are up to, including recent photos, status, profile updates, and recommendations based on their most recent actions on social networks.
  • Favourites – the ability to set up messaging shortcuts for the people that users interact with most.
  • Social contact card – allows users to aggregate the most relevant information on any given contact, including archives of past communications, detailed pulse history, and one-click ways to initiate communication.
  • Innovative location-sensing technology – provides new ways to locate, chat with and exchange contact information with nearby Yahoo! oneConnect users. Proximity alerts will notify consumers when a contact enters their vicinity.
  • An open communications platform – enables users to communicate via multiple communications tools – such as IM, SMS, and social networks. Widgets will enable users to access their email across major email providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail®), Gmail® and AOL® Mail. Yahoo! is also in discussions with DataViz®, a company that allows mobile users to access their corporate Microsoft Exchange™ email accounts and Microsoft Office™ documents, to work together on widget versions of its RoadSynch® and Documents To Go® applications.

Yahoo! oneConnect is expected to become available in the Yahoo! Go 3.0 and Yahoo!'s new mobile home page in Q2 2008.

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