Mobile World Congress News: Qualcomm launches new chipsets for mobile devices

Mobile World Congress News:  Qualcomm launches new chipsets for mobile devices

Qualcomm has announced a family of three new chipset solutions designed to power the next evolutions of mobile consumer devices.

The QST1000™, QST1100™ and QST1105™ are a single platform of solutions with a range of highly integrated features and capabilities, including wireless connectivity; high-accuracy, multi-mode GPS positioning; a high-performance applications processor; support for broadcast mobile TV; and rich multimedia.

The new QST-series chipsets are designed to enable the next generation of wirelessly connected mobile entertainment, TV, navigation and mobile Internet browsing devices – all while delivering time-to-market and efficiency advantages to device manufacturers.

The first commercial devices are sampling now and are expected to begin launching this year.

The QST1000 chipset includes:

  • An integrated ARM11™ applications processor running at 528 MHz with support for third-party operating systems (Windows Mobile, Win CE and Linux)
  • A comprehensive range of popular audio and video codecs
  • Rich multimedia features, including camera, video playback at up to VGA resolution, and TV-out
  • Seventh-generation gpsOne® engine with support for Standalone-GPS and Assisted-GPS modes, as well as gpsOneXTRA Assistance™ technology delivering enhanced Standalone-GPS performance
  • Support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio
  • 65 nanometer process technology for enhanced battery life and bill-of-materials savings

In addition to all these features, the QST1100 chipset adds wireless WAN connectivity for voice calls and data capabilities.

The QST1105 also has a hardware-accelerated 2D/3D graphics core capable of performing up to 2.8 million triangles per second for compelling user interfaces and gaming applications.

All three chipsets interface with Qualcomm's Universal Broadcast Modem™ (UBM™) solution for MediaFLO™, DVB-H and ISDB-T mobile broadcast TV support. The three chipsets are pin-compatible and utilise a common base of software, offering device manufacturers significant flexibility and highly efficient designs in choosing specific functionality for their products.

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