Mobile World Congress News: NAVTEQ announces agreement with Telefónica

Mobile World Congress News: NAVTEQ announces agreement with Telefónica

NAVTEQ has announced an agreement with Telefónica to co-operate on the innovation of new mobile traffic products for European markets.

This relationship is a milestone in the first phase of NAVTEQ Traffic™ presence in Europe, and the first European consumer products, which will be for the Barcelona and Madrid markets, are scheduled for relase this year.

NAVTEQ Traffic currently serves the US and Canada with comprehensive real-time and historical traffic data services and technology.

The agreement provides both organisations with a strong foundation for future product advancements.

NAVTEQ Traffic will integrate comprehensive real-time content including sensor, GPS probe and incident data, and anonymous cell-based probe data will be extracted from Telefónica’s mobile communications network. The breadth, detail, and diversity of these data sources will provide maximum coverage and accuracy.

Telefónica will provide broad distribution of consumer solutions to their customers for popular mobile platforms. These products will provide users with real-time reports on roadway conditions, including average speeds and congestion levels.

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