Mobile Devices launches first connected open platform for advanced services & navigation

Mobile Devices launches first connected open platform for advanced services & navigation

Falling fuel prices are inspiring motorists to hit the road again, creating an increasing demand for more intuitive, real-time navigation and information support.

Mobile Devices has responded with the worldwide release of Dreevo 2, a wireless-enabled navigation device, and its accompanying ecosystem.

Dreevo 2 delivers real-time critical driving information that extends far beyond the basic directional capabilities of most GPS systems.

More than 350 service providers are currently connected to the Dreevo ecosystem to provide drivers around the world with in-vehicle real-time access to dynamic content and services such as:

  • Lowest gas prices within a specified distance of user's current location
  • Live traffic updates
  • Live safety/speed camera notification
  • Parking spot availability
  • Local search
  • Instant messaging

These services, most of which are currently available on the European version of Dreevo 2, will be available through Mobile Devices' application store for subscription and wireless download in 2009.

More than 100,000 devices around the world use the Dreevo ecosystem, which Mobile Devices launched at last year's CES.

The ecosystem includes a range of connected OEM devices, an open embedded platform running Linux with a complete development environment, a communication server that handles a real-time two-way directional link between content providers, and an application store that enables any developer to offer new services.

Dreevo 2 is currently available worldwide for the professional market – such as taxi companies, trucking companies and other mobile workforces – as well as to the consumer market through specialised retail and car dealers.

Mobile Devices plans to complete its rollout of Dreevo 2 to the global consumer retail market, including US retail chains, by the end of Q2 2009.

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