Mobexx simplifies bus route planning

Mobexx simplifies bus route planning

Developed by US-based intelligent transport systems experts at Mentor Engineering, the fixed-transit solution automates the process of creating safe, efficient and cost-effective bus routes.

Streets Schedule eliminates inefficient manual planning with software that simplifies transport scheduling by building routes and trips, generating runs and timetables.

The software incorporates on-screen mapping tools for placing bus stops and routes accurately without duplication or overlapping, enabling efficient schedules to be built with their service levels for regular or holiday services.

Available trips are then displayed, and the scheduler assigns trips to drivers using a simple drag-and-drop action.

Streets Schedule can produce online timetables that are fully compatible with the Google Transit Feed Specification, and seamless integration with Google Maps gives passengers a one-stop source for easy online trip planning.

The software can also be used with Mobexx's Mentor Streets – a fully integrated intelligent transport system.

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