Mobexx all-in-one nav and tracking system launched in the UK

Mobexx all-in-one nav and tracking system launched in the UK

The Mentor Ranger fixed-mount computer system provides a one-box real-time vehicle information and communication solution, without the need for additional tracking, telematics or mobile phone systems.

The system provides voice and data communications, automatic vehicle tracking and telematics in a fully integrated single powerful platform.

In addition, the self-contained system provides wireless programming and upgrading of software, POS transactions and mobile workforce management capabilities.

It can be used with existing in-vehicle peripherals and business management software, and its modular structure makes customisation simple.

The in-vehicle computer is fully optimised for use with Mentor Streets mobile workforce and despatch management and the modular Mentor Mobility software.

The system allows operators to improve on-time service, be more responsive to customers and reduce fuel costs with efficient routing. The automatic vehicle tracking software enables fleet management teams to track vehicles in real-time on colour-coded, customisable maps. This ensures that the operations office is aware of actual vehicle and driver activity in relation to planned routes and schedules, and the system allows instant responses to any incident that may occur, such as a vehicle breakdown, traffic jam or road traffic accident.

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