MiX Telematics appointed as supplier to Scania

MiX Telematics appointed as supplier to Scania

"People judge you by the company you keep and we are naturally delighted to be associated with a premium manufacturer such as Scania," comments Terry Buzer, Managing Director of MiX Telematics Europe. "While our FM Communicator product is well proven to deliver the range of benefits essential to transport operators today if they are to run their businesses most efficiently, this approval also demonstrates Scania's confidence in us to be able to deliver and support our products worldwide. In total, our current installation-base exceeds 500,000 MiX Telematics systems in service globally."

FM Communicator

As MiX Telematic's premium on-board computer, the FM Communicator offers vehicle tracking, data recording and communications. Accompanying the FM Communicator is a choice of reporting software; FM Pro for PC-based analysis, or FM-Web for internet-based access.

Offered as an optional extra to FM Communicator is the RIBAS Display, a dashboard-mounted array of five LEDs which illuminate whenever the driver exceeds a pre-programmed vehicle parameter. Each LED is positioned alongside its corresponding letter, where:

R = over Revving

I = excessive Idling

B = harsh Braking

A = harsh Acceleration

S = over Speeding

The purpose of RIBAS is to provide drivers with instant feedback on their performance, thereby enabling them to modify their driving style accordingly in order to remain within the pre-set efficiency parameters.

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