MiX Claims Telematics Will Improve Driver Safety

MiX Claims Telematics Will Improve Driver Safety

MiX Telematics has agreed to provide its technology to an unnamed North American FMCG company. It claims this will improve company drivers’ safety.

The tech being deployed includes MiX Vision, an in-dash computer system that allows data and video footage from a vehicle’s cockpit to be sent to the MiX Fleet Manager platform, which managers can access via desktop and smartphone. The company says the purpose of this is to enable fleet managers to “see what events and behaviors lead up to a crash”, eliminate such driver behavior in future and hence reduce fines and insurance payouts.

A company statement claims in the event of a collision, MiX Vision the system triggers the automatically uploads
“up to four videos – one inward-facing clip showing the driver, one outward-facing clip showing the road and two optional
additional clips from externally positioned cameras”. This supposedly helps fleet managers to determine who or what caused the collision.

The tech will initially be deployed across over 1500 of the company’s vehicles, including medium and light-duty transportation trucks and sales agents’ passenger cars. MiX Telematics group chief operating officer claimed it would help the FMCG company “improve driver behavior and reduce accidents”.

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