Mio Taiwan denies withdrawal from US market

Mio Taiwan denies withdrawal from US market

According to the GPS Business News follow-up article,while Mio does not deny having laid off a significant part of its US workforce, the lay-offs were not as severe as had been reported.

However, it appears that retailers and e-tailers only carry one or two Mio models compared to bigger ranges of Garmin, TomTom, Magellan or NAVIGON devices.

And while the current Moov line is still being sold in the US, the higher-end Mio Moov 500 appears to have no distribution at all.

GPS Business News concedes that while its headline "Mio closing its business in the US" was not exact, it questions the ability of a handful of people to keep the Mio brand alive in the cutthroat US PND market.

GPS Business News also wonders why MiTAC is investing in the PND market (with the recent acquisition of Magellan's consumer division) whilst disvesting from its long time local player Mio.

[Source: GPS Business News]

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