Micro Mobility EV Motor Claims 10% Range Boost

A UK electric motor manufacturer is claiming real world tests of its latest unit shows it can extend an EV’s total range by at least 10%.

Saietta Group’s AFT 140 electric motor entered trials overseen by independent Dutch engineering consultancy New Electric where two Renault Twizy demonstrator vehicles had their performance compared on public roads in Amsterdam. The first vehicle was a standard Renault model while the second was upgraded to the AFT 140 electric motor. All other systems and components were left untouched.

Testing took place across two days in a wide range of weather, temperature and traffic conditions, on varying road surfaces. The engineering team at concluded that the new motor had, on average, at least a 10% increased efficiency gain over the standard Renault Twizy. Saietta claims the difference in range could form the tipping point in urban micro e-mobility adoption.

The fully sealed AFT 140 is the first liquid-cooled axial flux motor from Saietta to go into production and claims a compact and lightweight design. The motor in the Twizy is an in-wheel variant of the technology, demonstrating its flexibility and modularity.

Wicher Kist, chief executive officer at Saietta, said: “Internally, we always knew how transformational our axial flux technology is but for it to be validated by a respected and neutral engineering powerhouse like New Electric is proof to the wider industry that Saietta Group is leading the way in this mobility field. To boost a battery electric vehicle driving range by 10% through simply swapping the electric motor is highly impressive.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


  1. Avatar Joe Wonoski 19th May 2021 @ 1:19 am

    Brushless motors claim ~ 10% more efficiency over brushed motors. Is that the basis of this claim, or is it yet another step of improvement over brushless designs?

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