Mexico’s Manufacturing Trends: The Shelter Competitive Advantage

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Salomon Noble, CEO for Mexico’s Intermex Industrial Parks. Salomon is an expert in the Mexican Manufacturing and Maquiladora Industry (IMMEX / “Twin Plants”), with more than three decades of experience in advanced manufacturing operations for the aerospace and automotive sectors and all aspects of the Industrial real estate life cycle. Intermex´s mission is to facilitate the successful establishment and operation of international companies throughout Mexico, and the company has two strategic business units: The Shelter and the Industrial Real Estate units.

In the 15-minute audio interview, Mr. Noble discusses these questions:

  • What Megatrends are disrupting Mexico´s Automotive Manufacturing?
  • How does the shelter program work?
  • What are the three main advantages of operating under a shelter?
  • How much does it cost to operate under the shelter program, what is the cost structure?
  • Please provide a description of a successful case study of one of your clients and what it made it special?

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