Mercedes Recalls Nearly 1M Cars from 2004

Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly one million cars from as far back as 2004 because of faults discovered in their braking systems.

While the automaker says no serious accidents attributed to the faults have been recorded, it could be seen as a move to bolster its future premium-only production strategy announced last week. Reuters reports that he company announced on the weekend that cars sold globally could be prone to possible problems with the brake booster. Models of the ML, GL (BR 164) and R-Class (BR 251) series produced between 2004 and 2015 are affected, it said. The recall affects a total of 993,407 vehicles, including 70,000 in Germany.

In a statement, Mercedes-Benz said: “We have found that in some of those vehicles, the function of the brake booster could be affected by advanced corrosion in the joint area of the housing. It might be possible for a particularly strong or hard braking maneuver to cause mechanical damage to the brake booster. In such a very rare case, it would not be possible to decelerate the vehicle via the service brake. Thus, the risk of a crash or injury would be increased.”

The BBC reports that, in February, the company recalled more than one millions cars because of a defect in its European mandated “eCall” feature, which alerts emergency services of an accident and relays the vehicle’s location. The defect meant it was possible that a wrong location could be sent. Thanks to the problem being software-related, the fix was achievable over-the-air for the majority of consumers.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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