Merc selects Garmin’s StreetPilot III for A-, B- and C-Class models


The nüvi 760 named the 'StreetPilot III' by Mercedes-Benz, is customised with a specially designed mount for the new generation A-Class, B-Class and C-Class cars, and is now available at dealers across Europe.

According to Roger Jollis, Garmin's director of OEM & mobile marketing, this is the third generation of products developed for Mercedes-Benz over the last three years.

The navigation features of the StreetPilot III include spoken directions and street names, traffic avoidance, safety camera alerts, an extensive POI database, automatic position marking (the device remembers where the car is parked), multipoint route planning and a tracklog function for viewing routes in Google Earth.

This is Garmin's sixth European car manufacturer account over the last two years, the others being Volvo, BMW & Mini, Ford and Honda.

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