Mazda to Debut First BEV

Mazda will unveil its first BEV next month, despite saying earlier this year pure electric vehicles would remain a niche product.

The car, to be announced at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, will be a “completely new model” according to the automaker and will “make full use of electric drive technology” according to a press statement from the company.

However, back in April, Mazda’s vice-president of its European research and development center, Hajime Seikaku, told TU-Automotive that it believes BEVs will continue to be for a marginal sector of the mass market. “Under our current plan, we see around 2030 about 95% of vehicles will be a combination of internal combustion engines with electrification in some form. The remaining 5% will be pure EVs,” he said.

Mazda is also planning on reintroducing the rotary engine to its vehicles, seven years after it was last seen in a production car, the RX8. It plans to use the technology as a range extender within its electrification strategy and is also looking into sustainable fuels as an alternative to zero emission electric vehicles.

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