Masternaut Three X shaves £0.2m off annual transport costs


The Masternaut Three X solution uses Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping technology for accurate vehicle location, enabling the fleet owner to optimise resources, and helping drivers to improve fuel consumption by around 7%, reduce unnecessary engine idling and improve safety.

The Virtual Earth mapping feature has helped to reduce mileage by three million miles over a four-year period and to cut fleet emissions by almost 20% through the use of direct routes and driving skills improvements.

The live tracking system helps to administer 200 trailers, 25 tractor units and 50 drivers, plus additional resources from contractors.

The system uses electronic ID keys for automatic verification of drivers. All vehicles and trailer units are powered and activated on coupling; all loads are tracked and the geofence feature ensures that drivers adhere to pre-set routes and customer sites.

Microsoft has published a full case study on this application.

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