Masternaut Three X offers dual protection for staff on- and off-site


The Leeds-based company has developed the products that include M-Guard, a personal lanyard style device that offers emergency assistance, voice communications and location reporting of lone workers.

Other options offered by Masternaut Three X include a simple, fixed in-cab solution, and more sophisticated GPS and GSM based solutions. The in-cab fixed solution connects to a Masternaut Three X Mobile Communications Unit. When pressed, an alert is transmitted which can then be forwarded to a nominated SMS number or e-mail address with a predefined message.

M-Guard is an all-in-one compact and unique personal safety device. This real-time personal tracking technology is already tried and tested with Masternaut Three X partners across Europe. It operates over GSM/GPRS networks and incorporates a real-time emergency assistance button, one-key dialling for 2-way voice communication and real-time GPS location reporting over GPRS to provide near-real-time location status of any lone worker.

Masternaut Three X also offers centrally controlled remote monitoring, alerting fleet controllers to unusual activity such as theft or hijack and the automatic notification of entry into barred areas that may be unsafe or unauthorised.

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