Maporama releases free GPS nav service for mobile phones

Maporama releases free GPS nav service for mobile phones

Based on advertising and the presence of advertisers and sponsors, the business model enables Maporama to provide the solution to consumers free of charge.

Maporama Drive Me Spot enables the calculation of routes from any place to any address, and is compatible with most of J2ME mobile handsets.

The route instructions are displayed on the mobile phone screen, including detailed street maps, which can also be overlaid with aerial images. The engine being provided by amAze from LocatioNet

Maporama Drive Me Spot offers detailed maps for Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Africa and Asia, satellite and aerial images and hybrid map display, worldwide weather forecasts, local search, voice guidance, regional parameters, choice of navigation mode, favourite storage, textual and visual instructions for the route.

The sponsor brand uses idle times in the application to highlight promotions and loyalty offers. The solution is easy to integrate with existing multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Maporama also has a direct presence in Germany, Italy, Spain, the US, Canada and South Africa.

The Maporama Drive Me Spot service has been available to clients of Bouygues Telecom mobile network since June 5th.

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