Malta Turns to Renault for First EV Car-Share Club

The Maltese Government is forging ahead with its mission to promote electric vehicle transport by ordering a 150 fleet of Renault Zoe superminis for the island’s first car-sharing club.

It has also made infrastructure commitments by pledging to provide 450 parking spaces throughout Malta and Gozo that are reserved exclusively for its GoTo Malta program and which will be strategically located in high-use parking areas. To charge the vehicles, GoTo Malta will boost the island’s public charging infrastructure by installing 225 charging pillars around the island, creating 450 charging points.

The government’s program plans to have 5,000 electric vehicles on Malta’s roads by 2020 and is hoping the car-sharing scheme could persuade motorists considering switching from a traditional ICE vehicle to an EV.

GoTo Malta opted for the award-winning Renault Zoe following an initial pilot scheme that saw an array of drivers complete more than 600 journeys on the island’s roads. Car-share club members will be able to have 24-hour instant access to the vehicles and are able to book via an app. GoTo Malta claims it has calculated that the service will be around only half the cost of local taxis.

Liran Golan, CEO of GoTo Malta, said: “Renault Zoe is the perfect vehicle to launch GoTo Malta, being spacious, versatile and easy to use. Its all-electric drivetrain fits perfectly with our ambition for sustainable motoring that is affordable and convenient, while also lowering air and noise pollution in Malta and, ultimately, being a platform to increase electric vehicle usage on the island and help address the country’s congestion and parking issues.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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