M2M: The fleet opportunity

M2M: The fleet opportunity

This number indicates strong opportunity for telematics vendors, but they must overcome technical and business challenges to penetrate the rest of the market – with a focus on M2M solutions. From 2010 to 2015, a compound annual growth rate of 15.9% is expected, with majority of growth occurring in the later years. Scalability, flexibility, interoperability and adaptability are among the features that suppliers are promoting to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Author of Telematics Update Fleet & Asset Management Report, Randy Frank, President of Randy Frank Associates, focusses on the ‘business-side’ as well as technological advances. Relationships between fleets and vendors must be established in conjunction with key technical features to gain a significant share of the market. He explains ‘partnerships are viewed by the supplier industry as an essential aspect to success’.

He continues: ‘Those suppliers that can identify customers’ pain points and opportunities, as well as articulate how they can solve those problems and let them exploit those opportunities, while providing proof of measurable results should have a giant advantage in getting customers’ attention’.

To shed light on ‘customers’ pain points’ Telematics Update’s Fleet & Asset Management Report has identified the three most important factors to fleet managers in determining their involvement in fleet telematics: Vehicle location tracking, improving operational efficiencies and reducing operational costs as the most important. The full 140 page report analyses results from its industry survey to help fleet telematics providers further penetrate the Fleet & Asset Management space. Topics include:


·         How OEMs are embracing next-gen tracking tech. to safe guard businesses for future development

·         Statistics on market penetration growth rates (including emerging markets and units in service) to identify areas for growth

·         Insight into govt. legislation to solve fleet managers’ regulatory concerns with bespoke telematics solutions

·         Cases studies from Zurich, Travellers Inland and LoJack SCI to explain how telematics companies and insurers can form partnerships with fleets

Each chapter identifies the fleet operators data needs to help them differentiate their products offerings and help fleets instigate operational changes that will increase their ROI.


This report was collated from direct converations and interviews with fleet and other key players in the value chain to ensure it drills into the issues at the core of the fleet telematics industry. Experts from McDonalds, UPS, FedEX, John Deere, NXP, FleetMatics amongst others gave Telematics Update a first hand insight into their challenges, solutions and stratgeies.


The complimentatry brochure includes the methodology, full contents and list of figures and research highlights. It available to download via the website: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index.php





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