M2M/telematics has come a long way in the past decade

M2M/telematics has come a long way in the past decade

Precksha Saksena: Telenor Sweden was recently named "the most advanced mobile operator in the area of M2M" and "the dominant provider of wireless M2M connectivity" by industry analyst firm Berg Insight. What new efforts and developments are in place to ensure that you maintain your coveted position?

Dan Mårtensson: We've had a long journey from 1999 to come to where we are today, learning all the way and still learning, but also giving us a great experience within M2M/telematics. It's a core focus from our side to keep the leading position and expand it further by continuously developing our offer, such as the patent on eSIM that was approved some months ago to secure the competence of M2M/telematics within important verticals, such as automotive. Also, pushing efforts into even better infrastructure for M2M/telematics, continuing to listen to our customers and involving them even further will give us a good platform from which to continue to lead.

PS: How does Telenor Sweden manage to differentiate its offerings, particularly as you deploy your M2M solutions to several industries?

DM: Our philosophy is that if we want to be the supplier when our customers go global, then we have to be the supplier when those same customers are in the piloting phase of development, helping each other in the development of the end-customer experience. This means we need to have a very flexible set-up in our product and offerings; therefore we have built it all like "building-blocks", enabling us and the customers to come up with the right solution in technology set-up, business model, pricing, business logics, delivery set-up and operation handling, irrespective of what development phase our customer is in.

PS: Which industry or vertical has been the most challenging in terms of creating M2M solutions?

DM: Automotive so far – based on the extreme need for quality, reliability, long-term delivery of service, business logics and its critical needs. I think we have come a long way in terms of enabling the delivery of high-quality pan-EU/global solutions, but we are still learning and improving, day by day, and the market demands also change over time, so we always have to be on our toes to adapt and listen to the market demands.

PS: Which part of your business has witnessed the most growth and expansion, and why?

DM: To date, asset management has been the driver in terms of the volume of SIMs. In terms of revenue, the automotive vertical is in the driver's seat. I also believe that, in the near future, automotive will also take the lead on the number of SIMs because of the maturity of the customers within the automotive sector and the opportunities this presents for the end-customers.

PS: Telenor Sweden has co-operated with Volvo Cars for several years to develop their e-call and OnCall services in different countries. What has Telenor learnt from working with Volvo in order to enhance their telematics offerings?

DM: A lot. How can we deliver on the extreme need for quality, reliability, long-term delivery of service, delivery logics and Volvo Cars' critical needs? For an MNO it's a long way from being a "best-effort" company to delivering "critical mobile communication for M2M", but we have managed it well because of our core focus on M2M/telematics and the fact that we listened when our customers told us their needs. This is probably the reason why we hold the leading position within the M2M/telematics market in the EU today.

PS: Telenor Sweden is very well established in Europe, but what are your plans with regards to accelerating the ongoing international rollout of your M2M-solutions?

DM: We follow our customers wherever they go, even outside the EU, because we have the capability to deliver a one SIM-solution on a global basis. We have examples of customers in the US, Middle East, Africa and Asia as well. On the other hand, we also evaluate new markets, and if we find any of interest we address it proactively. Also, M2M/telematics has now been launched as a group strategy within Telenor with the launch of Telenor Connexion (www.telenorconnexion.com)

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