Lysanda launches Eco-Log


Lysanda thinks so.

In conjunction with channel partner Webtech Wireless, Lysanda is launching its CO2 emissions monitoring technology, Eco-Log, which has the ability to report CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of any modern vehicle in real-time.

Eco-Log is predictive software which processes CAN data from the on-board diagnostic port: inexpensive, non-invasive and highly accurate.

Eco-Log is also capable of reporting air pollutants (NOx, Particulates, HC etc) in the same detail as CO2. This is particularly valuable to fleets operating in urban centres where air quality is an issue. New DEFRA guidelines require local authorities to estimate their outputs of harmful emissions, which they are at present unable to do except by laborious manual calculations.

Commercial director Simon Harris says that the technology is aimed initially at operators of commercial vehicles, public service vehicles and company car fleets. With Eco-Log, fleet managers can monitor how individual vehicles are driven, the exact fuel economy and the CO2 emissions generated during the daily operation of each vehicle. This enables managers to identify and target any heavy-footed drivers and particularly inefficient vehicles. They can also ensure the types of vehicle on the fleet match the requirements of the job and the driving style of their drivers, so reducing costs and increasing vehicle efficiency.

Eco-Log can also be used to test and prove emissions of new vehicles. Lysanda is currently working with a bus company that operates within central London to prove the CO2 emission levels of its new buses.

Eco-Log was announced last year as a prototype device being trialled on a number of pilot vehicles, with the data available by local download only (e.g. via a laptop on board).

"The announcement was, if you like, a pre-launch statement," says Harris. "Having passed its trials, it is now available in commercial quantities AND is integrated with a telematics unit that allows remote data transfer."

Click here to see a two-page extract of the Eco-Log test data and results.

Eco-Log has received global media interest, and has been hailed as a potential answer to the UK government's plans for Pay as you Pollute road-charging schemes. Other national organizations, including Transport for London, have also shown an interest in the technology.

Lysanda's development team will be on hand at this year's CV Show to talk technology and demonstrate results from the prototype test vehicles – one of which will be available to drive at the NEC.

Download (508.14KB)

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