Lyft Publishes Mobility Survey Promoting its Services

Lyft Publishes Mobility Survey Promoting its Services

Lyft surveyed users of a trial program it ran and unsurprisingly found many of them were less interested in owning cars after participating.

The Ditch Your Car scheme entailed 130,000 car-owning Lyft users across 36 US cities being encouraged to give up their cars for a month and being given credits to use other transportation options instead, including bicycles, scooters, and public transit. A Lyft statement did not say whether its own services featured among these options. It then surveyed these users at the end of the month about their feelings regarding driving and personal vehicle ownership.

57% said they were using their cars less after participating in the scheme, 71% reported using multiple transportation options for social reasons, and 83% said they’d become more familiar with public transit options as a result of the program. Lyft is using this study as a way of promoting itself as a company that envisions “a future where people have access to a variety of alternatives to personal cars including bikes, scooters, public transit, car-sharing, and ride-sharing”.

It purports to want to reduce traffic congestion by promoting ride-sharing and lower overall greenhouse gas levels by reducing the number of individually owned vehicles on the roads. Lyft president John Zimmer boasted: “By working together with cities, we will continue the decade long mission to make more sustainable and inclusive transportation a reality”.

Needless to say, it is in a ride-hailing company’s interests to publish a survey finding car ownership and self-driving to be stressful and its own services to offer relief from this stress. The survey’s publication also coincides with that of a more wide-ranging and impartial one which found car ownership remains as popular as ever, particularly among young motorists.


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