Lonely Planet added to NAVTEQ: Travel Guide

Lonely Planet added to NAVTEQ: Travel Guide

At launch, the travel guide will cover nineteen cities in Australia and New Zealand, with coverate of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to follow soon thereafter.

Offering reviews for thousands of POIs throughout Australia and New Zealand, the content enables navigation applications to provide recommendations about where to stay, eat or spend leisure time.

According to the Travellers' Pulse Survey, 82% of respondents said that they always or sometimes take a mobile with them on their travels, and 24% indicated they use mobile phones to obtain practical travel information. Whether driving or walking, people around the world access NAVTEQ® maps more than one hundred million times each day.

Lonely Planet for NAVTEQ lends itself to quick and flexible integration into location-aware applications. Lonely Planet content is precisely matched to the NAVTEQ map, enabling consumers to navigate to their desired destinations. NAVTEQ also leverages integration-friendly formats and innovative location referencing, which will speed integration into customer applications.

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