London black cab boost by Volvo

Volvo is underscoring its commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) with its latest venture in a dealership tie-up with the iconic ‘London black cab’, writes Paul Myles.

One of the largest Volvo car dealer groups in the UK has announced it will also be operating an electric taxi franchise selling the new all-electric LEVC TX from its Chiswick showrooms in West London.

Launched early in 2018, LEVC TX looks every bit a modern update of the classic black cab but boasting zero emissions to meet Transport for London (tfl) regulations that require all new black cabs to be emissions free. The vehicle enjoy on-board wi-fi, phone and laptop charging, effectively making the new taxi a mobile office for passengers. In addition, the more spacious than previous cabs and includes six seats and wheelchair accessibility.

Endeavour Automotive says it decided to become a franchise holder after seeing the popularity of the new taxi with passengers and drivers, as well as the level of support from both national and city government for the electric taxi project. The team have invested to increase the capacity of their workshop to support the arrival of a new brand.

The company is also building a number of taxi dedicated fast charge points to give cabbies greater access to charging in West London. These will supplement the

52 dedicated rapid chargers which are set aside for taxi use in London. These charge points can be found on street and in 5 Q-parks across London, including China Town, Harley Street, Pimlico, Oxford Street and Knightsbridge.

Adrian Wallington, Managing Director Endeavour Automotive said: “The extension of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and arrival of electric taxis are measures that will significantly improve air quality in West London, and alongside a significant increase in demand for more environmentally friendly passenger vehicles in the capital, we’re delighted to be part of this taxi revolution, especially as the new TX can offer savings of up to £100 per week in fuel for the average London taxi driver.”

Chris Gubbey, CEO of LEVC said: “Our purpose-built, passenger focused taxi, has been designed with the intention of getting more people in the back of cabs – offering the safest, cleanest, quietest and smoothest taxi ride yet. We are delighted to have had the support of the team at Endeavour to deliver this vision for the taxi trade in London.”

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