Logica and AirSage collaborate on real-time traffic solution

Logica and AirSage collaborate on real-time traffic solution

The new services will address the growing need for accurate real-time traffic information for European road and transport authorities, rescue and emergency services, navigation providers, businesses and private drivers.

AirSage's patented software technology aggregates anonymous signalling data from wireless mobile operators and converts the data into real-time information. By using Wireless Signal Extraction (WiSETM) technology, AirSage creates speed and flow information for entire roadway networks covering all highways and primary arterials.

According to AirSage's founder & CEO Cy Smith, the company's technology is easy to implement and cheaper than alternatives like fibre-optic cable and traffic cameras. "Further, our technology provides comprehensive road network coverage. For example, in the US, we cover more than 330,000 km with real-time traffic information – that's twenty times more than the substandard 16,000 km covered by sensors."

Cees de Wijs, group director of Intelligent Transport Systems at Logica, pointed out that AirSage has effectively deployed this technology in more markets than any other company in the world.

"Accurate real-time traffic information is becoming increasingly critical, but the cost to deploy and maintain road-side sensor equipment is continually rising," said de Wijs. "Partnering with AirSage allows us to provide a valuable service based on national and international telecommunication networks while avoiding the cost of investing in a new infrastructure."

He added that with the rising cost of fuel and the emergence of more stringent legislation governing carbon emissions, the time is right for a new approach to real-time traffic data management.

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