Location Based Services Come Out on Top as Key Auto HMI Technology Feature

Location Based Services Come Out on Top as Key Auto HMI Technology Feature


Telematics Update’s B2B survey of 100+ automotive HMI experts identified location based services as the most important in-vehicle technology feature.  As companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford and GM already have robust HMI products in place, it’s clear that the auto HMI ecosystem is racing to find the best tech and HMI design to deliver the features consumers want. Telematics Update has released a sample of the results to help companies find out who has the leading UI and analyze current tech and consumer lifestyle trends in order design a competitive HMI product.

Ben Ziemke, industry analyst, Telematics Update, has assessed how useful data on consumer lifestyle trends could prove to companies in the auto HMI market. “Our research shows, that macro lifestyle trends, such as mobile device familiarity, almost ubiquitous connectivity and increasing personalization still remain key influencers on future HMI design. As a result, these trends call for a much stronger user centered and human factor driven HMI design approach, in order to maximize the user experience whilst satisfying increasing safety requirements. Additionally, future shifts to ‘car as a service’ ownership models subsequently require HMIs to almost instantly adapt to each driver’s preferred interaction mode and in-vehicle services.”

This exclusive report sample can help automakers, tier ones and software providers assess the competitive landscape and differentiate their offerings. This report extract is available to download via the website: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/human-machine-interface-report/index.php

The Automotive HMI Report 2013

The full 105 page report is now available to purchase and provides a thorough analysis of current HMI design and technology as well as more survey results. This key insight into HMI design includes:

·         Auto HMI Market Overview: Understand the latest advancements in HMI design introduced by market leaders such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford and GM to help you assess the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for innovation

·         Exclusive Industry B2B Survey Results: Survey of 100+ experts reveal the key input and output technologies such as multi-touch HMI concepts from Visteon, QNX and Tesla, to find your route into the auto HMI market

·         Analysis of Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Find out how consumer lifestyle trends such as familiarity with mobile devices and increased personalization will influence HMI design to make sure your solution is aligned with consumer preferences

The full table of contents and list of figures can be found on the website: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/human-machine-interface-report/index.php

Expert Insight from HMI Market Leaders

The following experts were amongst the HMI market leaders interviewed as part of the report research.

·         Andy Gellatly, Technical Fellow – HMI, General Motors

·         Jacob Juul, Strategic Innovation Manager – HMI & Infotainment, Volvo

·         Dr. Otmar Schreiner, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions (France) and IES Research & Development,Continental Automotive

·         Jeff Turk, HMI Engineer, Denso International America

·         Alberto Sevega, HMI & Infotainment Product Strategy, Fiat Group Automobile

·         Patrick O'Neill, User Experience Designer (Automotive OEM), Garmin

·         Mike Luo, HMI Manager, Harman


For further details on the report, or other Telematics Update business intelligence products, contact the Telematics Update at reports@telematicsupdate.comor +442073757585.


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