LiMo Foundation selects Wind River as systems integrator

LiMo Foundation selects Wind River as systems integrator

A Board member of LiMo Foundation, Wind River will now be LiMo's chosen systems integrator providing technology and services to combine, harden and validate code contributions of LiMo members through a Common Working Environment (CWE).

"As the mobile industry now breaks out of its traditional, controlled development environments and embraces collaborative approaches that unlock innovation, operators and device manufacturers are turning to vendors they can trust to guide them through the evolving mobile software landscape," said Morgan Gillis, executive director of LiMo Foundation. "Through its selection of Wind River as a company with a legacy of world-class embedded software, LiMo expects to be able to accelerate its goal of reducing Linux fragmentation while intensifying platform development through the rapid adoption of member contributions."

"Without a doubt, 2008 was the year when open source transitioned from a status of early adoption to one of acceptance and endorsement by the mobile industry as the new recipe for collaborative software development," commented Andreas Constantinou, research director at VisionMobile. "As one of the most prominent integrators for mobile Linux stacks, Wind River fills an important gap within the new mobile economy; customization, integration and validation of open source handset software."

In addition to the integration of member code, Wind River expects to enhance the efficiency of the contribution process for members through collaboration tools and enhanced processes. This will become increasingly important as more strategic contributions require integration into LiMo reference platforms.

All contributions for the R2 version of the LiMo platform have been submitted by members into LiMo Foundation in advance of final delivery later in 2009 with interim releases being made to allow OEMs to continue to build next-generation LiMo devices.

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