Limited conference passes remain for Telematics Munich 2012

Limited conference passes remain for Telematics Munich 2012


Europe’s Largest Telematics Forum


The 9th annual Telematics Munich 2012 Conference & Exhibition is Europe’s largest and most influential focused forum to answer the crucial business strategy and tech questions that are set to advance the telematics ecosystem as the connected vehicle achieves mass market adoption. (


Telematics: The Future for Automakers


This fundamental importance of telematics to the automotive industry is reflected in the automaker presence at the Telematics Munich[CW1] . This year will have senior executives from BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, Mazda, VW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota are already confirmed to attend.


Conference Director for the event, Emily Savage stated that ‘The 2012 Telematics Munich event has more automakers involved than ever before. I am very excited to host an event that has the potential to harness new concepts and the energy to ignite new business partnerships.”


Ralf Lamberti, Director of Telematics at Daimler AG will be revealing the next stages for Mercedes in Europe at Telematics Munich and said “As a premium automotive OEM we take the challenge to lead the telematics field and also look forward to pointing out where we are heading together with our partners[CW2] ."


Candido Peterlini, Director Product Concept Infotainment at Fiat stated that “Telematics Munich is the place where the right people are discussing the right topics and challenges that the industry is facing. It is the place where you can find answers”


When Pierre Sirolli, Chief Project Manager of Connected Trucks, at Renault Trucks was asked why he was involved with Telematics Munich 2012, he remarked that “Telematics Munich is really a conference to see and be seen at. It is an excellent place for networking and to connect with all the telematics players.”


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About Telematics Update:

Telematics Update Conferences are the most prestigious in the industry. We produce the largest telematics events in North America, Europe & Asia, and attract the most influential speakers providing a rich environment for establishing strategic relationships and networking.


Emily Savage

Conference Director | Telematics Update


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