LiDAR Maker Claims First “Level 4+” System

LiDAR Maker Claims First “Level 4+” System

A technology company is launching a product it claims is “the world’s first image-grade LiDAR system” capable of supporting “Level 4+” autonomous driving.

Innovusion is making Cheetah, a system of LiDAR sensors it claims can allow vehicles to self-drive in most, but not all, road situations, available to order for customers worldwide. It says it has been able to do this because it has secured funding from China’s NIO Capital and Eight Roads Ventures and the US’ F-Prime Capital. Innovusion says Cheetah is able to detect objects over 200 meters away and uses a 300-line point cloud in order to do so.

It claims the systems is the first ever “to feature the unique combination of image-grade resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio required for long-distance detection”. A company statement did not specify what the company means by “Level 4+”, or whether it feels Cheetah would eventually be capable of being upgraded to support fully (Level 5) autonomous driving.

Innovusion CEO Junwei Bao said: “We look forward to working with providers and manufacturers to ensure their solutions are supported with the best-in-class technology for superior range and resolution”. F-Prime Capital venture partner Sanjay Aggarwal added: “We believe investing in start-ups that specialize in specific aspects of AV infrastructure – such as Innovusion – will accelerate the growth of the market. Innovusion has the combined experience and technology to make a major impact and we look forward to partnering with them as autonomous vehicles continue to push toward mainstream usage”.



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