Lexus Pioneers ‘Spinning’ Headlamps on Latest SUV

Lexus is claiming a world first with anti-dazzle safety headlamps for its new Lexus RX luxury SUV.

The car will feature lights with an adaptive high beam system (AHS), dubbed BladeScan, which uses mirrors and LEDs to illuminate the upcoming road surface and surroundings more effectively. The system works by using shining LEDs on two blade-shaped mirrors rotating at high speeds, with the light produced then transferred onto a lens which illuminates the road ahead.

Because the mirrors are rotating at such high speeds, the light produced doesn’t appear to be moving yet the motion allows it to react quicker to the switching on and off of the beam depending on traffic ahead. Lexus says the system has improved pedestrian recognition to 56 meters, up to 24 meters compared to its predecessor systems.

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