Leave the multi-tasking to women

Leave the multi-tasking to women

While I agree that there is a place in the market for all-in-one devices, I have a personal problem with them.

Sure, they're convenient. Why carry half a dozen dedicated devices around if you can have one multi-purpose device that does all those jobs just as well?

But do they? I mean, do any of these multi-tasking devices actually do the job as well as any one piece of specialised equipment?

Of course they don't. Only women can truly multi-task, and do it properly 🙂

I remember the first all-in-one scanner-copier-printer-fax machine. Ideal for small businesses, they said. Less than half the price of four different pieces of office equipment. Yes, and less than half as efficient, I found. The scanner resolution was appalling, the printer was slower than a Zimbabwe vote count and the whole thing was a royal pain where the sun doesn't shine.

I don't know what the attraction is for multi-purpose devices. I'd rather have a kitchen drawer full of tin and bottle openers and lethal carving knives, than a Swiss Army knife thatstabs me every time Itry to find the corkscrew.

Now cell-phones have expanded their job description.

Since the introduction of the first camera phones that produced truly awful images, the Holy Grail seems to be double-digit mega pixels.

I'm open to correction, but I think the only one that's come close is Samsung's SCH-B600 phone, with a 10 mega pixel camera. This particular device was only ever going to see the light of day in Korea – and at around US$700, would anyone else want it?

This year, K-Touch has presented its 8 mega pixel C280 camera phone to the world, although it's reportedly only going to be released in China, with an as yet undisclosed price tag.

Personally, I think LG's Viewty with its 5 mega pixel camera and SmartLight and image stabiliser is hard to beat, if you MUST have camera phone.

But compare this with the real thing – Canon's EOS-1D Mark II digital SLR camera with 16.7 mega pixels and the ability to capture up to 32 consecutive shots in bursts up to 4 frames per second.

Chalk and cheese.

The other problem, of course, is that if your multi-purpose device gets lost, stolen or broken, you've lost EVERYTHING.

No thanks. I'll keep my Canon Digital Rebel with an infinite assortment of lenses and filters, my Olympus VN-240PC Dictaphone with 4 hours of recording time, my iPod, and my Garmin PND that gets shunted from one vehicle to another.

Now, could the mobile phone manufacturers PLEASE go back to basics and give me a simple cell-phone that just makes and receives phone calls and text messages and has a ten-day battery life?

Will I ever get over the fact that I can't replace my Nokia 6310i?

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