Leading nav players to congregate at CeBIT in March

Leading nav players to congregate at CeBIT in March

On March 6th, the leading navigation players will gather in Hannover, Germany for a special one-day conference for discussions centred around the vital tactics that companies need to adopt this year to push their business forward and keep up with the surge of connected navigation services and devices.

Navigation has enjoyed an extremely lucrative boom in the last two years, capturing a significant chunk of the consumer electronics market. However, as the industry faces a tough sales climate in the coming months, the top players are all pushing connected services. Will this enable them to meet the needs of a demanding consumer base, distinguish their products from competitors and draw new profits?

Jörn Watzke, vice president of product line management at NAVIGON, wholeheartedly agrees. "In 2009, navigation and Internet will be melted. The big challenge for all companies is to shape new services that are easy to use and truly relevant to navigation users. Navigon, already hasbig ideas of how this could be realised perfectly."

The advent of connectivity means that hundreds of online content providers now have their eyes on the navigation pot of gold, and by offering unique services such as traffic, speech technologies and POIs, they are looking be a part of an ecosystem rich with opportunities.

While there might be a huge market for connected services, it is still not clear which services consumers want and, more importantly, what they will pay for.

Frost and Sullivan's automotive & transportation consultant, Michael Minich, considers that choosing the service bundle is one of the key questions for 2009.

"Since we are not talking about pure navigation any more, the number and variety of market players and offerings is increasing tremendously. So it will be even more important to bundle the right service packages and offer them to a price the consumers are finally willing to pay." says Minich.

Thus the industry is currently at a critical juncture. Trading conditions are set to be tough, but navigation companies have to keep pushing ahead to ensure they don't fall behind their competitors. Maintaining market share and enticing consumers with exciting services is now the name of the game.

All factors suggest that 2009 will be a year for change. Keeping abreast of the issues and ensuring that market strategies are fresh is now absolutely critical.

The biggest companies in the European navigation industry will meet at the Navigation day @ CeBIT conference in Hannover to decide on the correct strategies for the industry in light of the current economic situation.

The summit pulls together important companies such as Google, Nokia, TomTom, Garmin, BMW, Ford, Tele Atlas, Navteq, Harman/Becker, Orange, Panasonic, Navigon, Calrion and Delphi, all of whom will discuss key areas of the navigation market evolution.

Taking place on March 6th at the CeBIT exhibition, the Navigation conference will set a course for the industry in 2009.

To learn more about what these companies will discuss at the event, visit: www.telematicsupdate.com/info/733

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