LBS: privacy please!

LBS: privacy please!

It's great that new applications and innovative players are entering the market as location becomes increasing "open".

But you can understand the serious repercussions for consumers if their location information was abused and so location privacy becomes an important consideration for the LBS industry.

Particularly, the carriers. It'll be interesting to hear John Horn fromT-Mobile's presentation on location privacy management at theNavigation & Location USA conference, in San Jose – Dec 2nd-3rd.

We need to ensure that as the industry comes up with more and more creative ways of using location information, that tight controls and protocols are in place to avoid any hiccups – the last thing we want is to give LBS apps a bad name.

The Navigation & Location USA agenda this year is by far the strongest we've ever had, and the T-Mobile presentation one of numerous cutting edge sessions at the event.

Take a look at the full agenda:



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