LBS holds great potential for web application developers

LBS holds great potential for web application developers

The results of Tele Atlas's recently conducted "Location-based Services (LBS) and Web 2.0 Impact Survey" highlight that the majority of developers see considerable business opportunity in the LBS space.

Nearly 92% of the 638 web industry professionals surveyed believe that location-enhanced applications present a revenue opportunity for their companies, while more than 40% expect to drive revenue from LBS within the next two years.

More than 48% of the survey respondents indicated that they planned to offer an application with location capabilities within the next year.

"LBS is continuing to build momentum, as a groundswell of web industry developers create unique and valuable applications that cut across a range of services – from real estate to social networking and more," said Darren Koenig, director of wireless, Internet & telecom markets for Tele Atlas. "Web 2.0 represents a game-changing approach for developers seeking new revenue streams for their applications and for consumers and business users who are rapidly embracing these technologies to make their lives easier and richer through personalized access to their information."

Respondents were asked to share their perspectives on the location-based applications that they expect will be successful in the growing marketplace. 47% of respondents said that social network integration will be the next ‘killer' location application, while POIs and real-time data are also expected to drive user adoption.

Furthermore, technical professionals indicated that the mobile device is the platform of choice for development, with nearly 60% of those surveyed selecting it as the optimal hardware for LBS.

"We expect to see an even broader set of applications integrated across both phones and traditional web access as more and more web industry professionals leverage our map database as an enabler for these innovative tools," added Koenig. "Developers can also access new and interesting content through Tele Atlas ContentLink to expand their offerings, helping to make these Web 2.0 applications even more compelling for consumers."

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