Langen Motorcycles Brings Two-Stroke Back with a Bang!

Two-stroke engines are making a comeback on motorcycles, albeit on a very niche and pricey new British bike.

Langen Motorcycles has unveiled its limited edition Two Stroke ‘café racer’ that brings back the thrill of the screaming engines complete with wailing expansion pipe exhaust systems. Many had thought ever tightening exhaust emissions had finally put paid to the two-stroke combustion technology yet the new Langen bike is able to meet the latest Euro 5 emission standards for two-wheelers.

This despite a truly mouth-watering list of vital statistics for the new engine developed by the Wigan company, in the UK’s North West, in tandem with Vins of Maranello in Italy, itself born from an ‘extra-curricular’ passion project from members of the Ferrari research and development department. It’s a 250cc V-Twin stroker claiming 75bhp and 33ft-lbs of torque an a redline hitting the dizzy heights of 14,500rpm.

At the same time, with the Two Stroke’s minimalist aluminum trellis frame, the whole machine tips the scales at just 114kg (251lbs) resulting in a sportscar beating power-to-weight ratio of 660bhp/ton.

Key to the engine’s emission solution is its ECU-controlled total-loss oiling system that the machine’s creator, Chris Ratcliffe, told TU-Automotive feeds oil into the engine only when it is needed reducing the haze of blue smoke that would traditionally mark the passing of the strokers of old. The CNC-machined engine also features fuel injection, carbon fiber reed valves and electronic exhaust valves to boost the machine’s green credentials and allow a wider powerband for a tractable ride despite the healthy performance.

Ratcliffe, said: “The company has been founded with the aim of producing motorcycles with a simplicity and purity of days gone by, like the ‘Ton-up boys’ and their Cafe racers – yet pushing the limits of modern technology. My dream has always been to create a small piece of British motorcycling history. To be able to launch this special motorcycle under a completely new brand really is a dream come true. The aim is to continue to push boundaries and create more interesting bikes, which we hope will really please people.”

Yet the bike is initially limited to 100 individually numbered model, which will be road legal in the UK. Production is targeted to begin in summer 2021. A further 150 motorcycles will be produced starting 2022, which will be available in homologated form for road use in other countries around the world. The total number of builds will be strictly limited to 250 bikes, each of them built to order. The Two Stroke is priced from £28,000 ($36,242) plus taxes where applicable.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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