KORE Telematics teams up with Datalink Systems

KORE Telematics teams up with Datalink Systems

KORE's network for ubiquitous, real-time wireless data transmission, Datalink Systems can now provide public agencies with GSM and CDMA based tracking solutions from a single network provider.

The mission-critical nature of public sector applications requires a robust and reliable network. Listed on the GSA schedule, KORE is the only wireless network provider offering government customers a comprehensive suite of GSM and CDMA data services optimised to meet the needs of their M2M applications.

KORE solutions partners deliver a wide variety of government applications, including fleet management, asset and covert tracking for law enforcement and improved in-transit visibility; remote monitoring of critical infrastructure such as generators and pump stations; environmental monitoring and automated metering infrastructure for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Datalink Systems provides secure GPS tracking and IP packet data routing through its DataNet software. Unlike other hosted GPS tracking solutions that store sensitive customer information on a third party server, DataNet is installed securely in the end user's data centre, providing better control and enhanced security.

DataNET is currently licensed by government agencies in the US, Canada, UK and Australia to secure high-value assets. KORE provides Datalink Systems with an integrated wireless network with the coverage, reliability, comprehensive management and optimised usage plans required to deliver its GPS tracking solutions to government agencies around the world.

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