KORE Telematics announces ultra high–use 3G wireless services for M2M applications

KORE Telematics announces ultra high–use 3G wireless services for M2M applications

KORE Telematicsannounced a new wireless service delivery model designed specifically to address the needs of high-use M2M applications. KORE is the only specialized M2M network provider to offer high-performance 3G GSM HSPA and CDMA(EV-DO) services, enabling application providers to open up new revenue channels with high-bandwidth and data-rich M2M applications.

The KORE Ultra High-Use program is ideally suited for M2M applications such as video surveillance for fixed facilities, roadways and transportation monitoring, enterprise router back up services for remote locations, utility backhaul for AMI applications, in-cab mobile applications for logistics and asset control, and telematics content delivery. With very low latency and data rates up to 1.7MB, KORE also provides the high-use network services required for time-sensitive M2M applications.

“M2M application providers are recognizing the tremendous benefits and market opportunities presented by 3G wireless connectivity,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer, KORE Telematics. “As the first specialized M2M network provider to recognize this need, KORE has already certified more than 30 M2M devices on its Ultra High-Use 3G network. With attractive usage rates, a 24×7 network operations center and comprehensive management portal, KORE is simplifying the process for bringing high-use 3G applications to market.”

Optimized for M2M applications, the KORE network provides the industry’s most reliable and ubiquitous high-use 3G coverage in all major metro markets, Canada and 80 international territories. With no contract commitments by device, KORE offers prepackaged 3G plans for pooled device usage and ultra high-usage, as well as competitive use rates to help partners control costs and ensure profit margins. Partners also benefit from the KORE PRISM™ gateway for provisioning devices and monitoring network usage in real time.

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