Kore Telematics and LoJack SCI team up on supply chain security

Kore Telematics and LoJack SCI team up on supply chain security

Kore will provide GSM wireless services to power LoJack SCI's advanced supply chain monitoring and security solutions.

Kore's M2M network for GSM services will enable LoJack SCI's wireless devices to track, monitor and recover cargo in transit.

LoJack SCI delivers an integrated solution for supply chain protection from tracking, monitoring and recovery to investigation and prevention, enabling organisations to reduce and manage supply chain risks.

For a wide cross-section of manufacturers, monitoring high-value products during transit poses special challenges.

For instance, pharmaceuticals have a high resale value on the black market, which makes them valuable targets for theft during transit. In the case of controlled medicines that are subject to strict DEA chain-of-custody regulations from origin to destination and at every point in between, maintaining product visibility throughout the supply chain is essential.

With advances in M2M wireless devices and networks, shippers can covertly track their assets at the vehicle, pallet and even individual product level simultaneously, thus limiting exposure to theft and enabling manufacturers to audit their supply chain partners for adherence to security protocols.

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