Kia Recognizes Keyless Security Risk

Kia has recognized the risks of keyless car entry systems by offering UK consumers a free Faraday case with every car purchase.

For the past few years, growing numbers of thieves have used sophisticated digital equipment to harvest car entry and start codes from key fobs stored even within an owner’s property. So, in response, Kia has produced it own Faraday-like key pouch, the KiaSafe case, prevent relay attack devices obtaining the frequency from the car key. The case acts in a similar way to a Faraday cage, eliminating this possibility with a layer of metal within that blocks the device that thieves use.

David Hart, customer experience manager at Kia Motors UK, said: “The security of our customers’ vehicles comes second only to safety and we are as concerned about the hacking of keyless entry systems as customers, the police and the insurance industry. While our current keyless entry systems do not have UWB or “sleep” buttons our engineers are developing additional levels of protection for future vehicles and these will be applied as soon as is feasible given production schedules and new model introductions.”

Existing owners can obtain a KiaSafe case, available from participating dealers during the handover process, priced at £9.99 ($12.60).

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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