Kia Investigates European EV Market-Boosting Methods

Kia Investigates European EV Market-Boosting Methods

Kia is to investigate why demand for electric vehicles in Northern Europe is so sluggish.

The automaker is touring Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands with market research company World Shopper to ask local consumers how they can be incentivized to make EVs and hybrids their default preference when buying a car. The companies will also meet with “key electrification stakeholders” to learn about e-mobility trends in individual countries. They are taking an e-Niro with them on their ‘Electric Mission’.

Kia Motors Europe vice-president of marketing Artur Martins said the tour aimed to get “drivers to stop wondering about electric cars, and start driving them instead”. It could prove a tough market to crack.

Research commissioned by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association and Nordic Energy Research has found just 1% of Finnish respondents would consider making an EV their next car purchase. This was followed by 2% of Danes and 4% of Swedes. Even in Norway, a market where EV prices are kept low to boost adoption, just 11% of respondents said they would consider buying one.

Figures from EV Volumes on plug-in EV sales in 15 European countries show Denmark was the second lowest-selling market in 2018’s first half. World Shopper founder Ricardo Oliveira admits many “obstacles” to “mass uptake of electrified cars” remain.


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