Karma Automotive’s Performance PHEV Boosts Electric Range

California-based Karma Automotive’s 2020 Revero GTS performance PHEV has a claimed electric range of 80 miles, far above anything else in this segment.

The car features a 28kWh Nickel Manganese Cobalt lithium-ion battery, which Karma says enables higher power density and improved power output. It claims this enables 80 miles of emission-free driving from the battery and the range extending generator.

The generator is a three-cylinder turbocharged engine, supplied by BMW, which boosts the range to 360 miles. There are three modes the driver can choose from: Stealth, for all-electric driving; Sustain, meaning the driver can choose when to use the engine or the battery; and Sport, when the car combines the battery and motor output with the engine for ultimate performance.

The car has a dual electric motor setup, both situated on the rear axle, delivering 528bhp of power and 635ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels. The 0-60mph sprint time of 3.9 seconds has been improved by 0.6 seconds over the regular 2020 Revero GT, whereas top speed has been electronically limited to 130mph.

By focusing on the electric motor setup and downplaying the engine, calling it a range extender, Karma is attempting to turn the PHEV concept on its head. When we spoke to former Jaguar designer Ian Callum last month he hinted this may happen, saying that legislation may push vehicle manufacturers further down this route in the future.

The car will cost $149,950 and is planned to go into production in the first quarter of 2020.

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