JV Launches, Promises Cockpit Remodeling for AVs

JV Launches, Promises Cockpit Remodeling for AVs

An automotive tech company is partnering with an electronics maker to remodel vehicle cockpits for self-driving.

Faurecia and HELLA have launched “a strategic partnership” to provide internal lighting for cars. The companies say their “surface lighting” and “dynamic lighting” will provide drivers with “a more personalized cockpit environment”. HELLA CEO Rolf Breidenbach claimed the tech the partnership develops will be geared toward remodeling vehicles’ cockpits so they are able to meet the change in requirements from drivers that he thinks autonomous vehicles will cause in the near future.

Commenting on the partnership’s launch, Breidenbach claimed: “Trends such as autonomous driving and individualization will completely redefine vehicle interiors. We are therefore already working intensively on concepts for vehicle interior lighting that enable a variety of new functionalities and can be adapted to the different needs of passengers and driving situations. The collaboration with Faurecia will provide us with additional opportunities to drive the development of innovative interior lighting solutions in a comprehensive manner”.


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