JumpTap launches tapMatch

JumpTap launches tapMatch

Brand and performance marketers bid on keywords and categories to run ads that appear on mobile web pages, above search results and in applications including iPhone.

Combined with advanced search technology for contextual targeting, advertisers can maximise performance by reaching consumers searching for or browsing content.

To date, PPC marketplaces have only been able to reach a wide audience with little to no targeting. The advanced targeting intelligence that powers tapMatch, builds audience profiles from multiple sources – including search queries, context, and click-through history – to match the most relevant ad messages to each mobile consumer.

Advertisers maximise performance by targeting keywords, categories, location, demographics, mobile carrier, publisher and mobile handsets – including Blackberry® and iPhone.

According to early testers of tapMatch, reaching qualified mobile audiences with relevant ads elicits strong consumer engagement, increased click-through rates and higher conversions.

tapMatch enables publishers to realise the highest potential revenue from their their mobile properties. Targeted ads result in higher response levels, which keeps advertisers coming back, driving fill rates and effective CPM. Publishers can use performance to back fill their premium CPMs.

"The mobile advertising market has reached a new phase of maturity where targeting is now essential," says Paran Johar, Jumptap's CMO.

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