Jeep PHEV Better Prospects than a Full BEV?

Following Stellantis’s announcement of its electrification strategy, one of its iconic brands, Jeep, has released the first images of its PHEV Grand Cherokee 4xe.

This is the fifth generation of the model and the first to adopt an electrified powertrain. During the presentation, much was made of the benefits of electric motor torque especially with an off-road vehicle.

However, while this PHEV model will have support from an, as yet, unspecified ICE unit, the prospects for an all-electric BEV model are much less certain. Jeep promised it would be putting infrastructure into nature trails frequented by mud-plugging aficionados, considering how poor the infrastructure remains on existing tarmacked highways, it’s difficult to imagine this will ever be a workable reality to persuade a naturally conservative customer base to give up on ICE entirely.

The danger for automakers of these niche products is that, should they be forced to abandon ICE altogether by government mandate, they could see new car sales fall off a cliff as consumers hold on to old vehicles that are easy to maintain indefinitely if need be.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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