Israel: The Automotive and Smart Mobility Industry


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Orlie Gruper.  Ms. Gruper is a Mobility Nerd with 17 years of experience in the field, She was the first female entrepreneur in the Smart Mobility Community founding an electric motorcycle company, represented the israeli transport sector in the European Commission then lead the EcoMotion Community as the executive director for the past 4.5 years where she remains on the Advisory Board and now is an investor in the field as General Partner at Mobilitech Capital among many other things such as founding and leading Women in Mobility.

In the 10-minute audio interview, Ms. Gruper discusses these questions:

  • Being and supporting the Israeli ecosystem for over a decade, as an entrepreneur, gov, NGO and now Investor – do you feel it has shifted over the past few years? How was the industry before and where is it today?
  • In what domains do you see new startups rising today?
  • What new domains would you like to see innovation in? what would you love to invest in?
  • What is special about Israeli innovators in your eyes? What is missing? What are the opportunities for our listeners?

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