Is the US a hardship location for foreign auto industry professionals?

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Andrew Jernigan.  Mr. Jernigan is the CEO and founder of Insured Nomads, and brings rich experience as a travel risk management and insurance professional to cross-border enterprise. He is passionately driven to see insurance and technology advance the levels of service for the international assignee within the corporate environment. Married, with three children he has spent many years living in numerous countries and worked across five continents. In 2015 he was the recipient of the Pollock Scholar Award from Families in Global Transition.

In the 7-minute audio interview, Mr. Jernigan discusses these questions:

  • What makes the United States a hardship location for folks?
  • Andrew, you have lived in the U.S. and other countries what do folks who support the global employee population miss that they should know?
  • With the Covid-19 Vaccine coming, how do you think that will affect employees, corporations and stakeholders going forwards?
  • While I have you, I understand you share time between the U.S. and Brazil, what are the major differences traveling to/from the U.S. to a place like Brazil the 7th largest car market?

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