iQlink offers SAP on Symbian, Android and iPhone


This follows the release of SkyMobile Smart Client for the Symbian OS (Series 60 3rd Edition FP1+).

SAP users can effectively deploy mobile solutions such as proof of delivery, field service and business workflow solutions onto a wide range of Symbian-based handsets. This is primarily targeted at the Nokia Smartphone market and is designed to be a pre-cursor to the new Symbian open platform.

Sky Technologies has also completed the development of a ‘rich client' for iPhone and Android Smartphones as a component of SkyMobile, enabling:

  • A native GUI, providing a richer more comprehensive user interface than that of a web browser
  • Seamless integration with native device functions such as calendar, address book, email, phone, etc.
  • Full data encryption and compression giving a high level of security

Sky Technologies' CEO Troy O'Connor said that the company's strategy is to provide clients with a fully integrated mobile framework that enables them to mobilise many parts of their business on a range of smartphones.

According to Stephen Ware, CTO of Sky Technologies, whilst Windows and BlackBerry capability already exists, the large Symbian presence in Europe and Asia has no truly integrated solution for SAP mobility. "This offering helps bridge that gap and gives customers more choice with device selection and their existing mobile fleets."

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